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In a recent consumer survey New Zealanders said: 83% would rather gain 2kg than lose their hair. 91% said they feel more confident when their hair looks good. 91% said that receding and thinning hair are a major issue on a first date. 89% of young NZers say thinning hair is a concern for them. 86% incorrectly think thinning hair is isolated to older men. Around only 25% would seek professional help at the first signs of a hair loss or thinning problem. (When this is the best time to seek help).

The Hair, Skin and Scalp Clinic has been operating for 35 years. Geurt Renzenbrink, a qualified Trichologist, has been practicing for 35 years, both here and in the UK. During this time he has successfully helped many people with their hair and skin problems.
Geurt has lectured here and in the UK in human anatomy and physiology.
At the clinic we start with an in depth, private and confidential consultation and then embark on a treatment regime.
The clinic is operated from Geurt’s home in Papakura, where there is plenty of free parking and discreet anonymity. Treatments can be in-house or carried out at your home.
At the clinic we can offer advice and treatment on nutritional supplements, ADHD, digestive and bowel issues, weight loss and weight management, general health, wigs and hairpieces, general and personalised hair care, skin rejuvenation and hair removal using Intense Pulsed Light and Microdermabrasion.
Among other services we offer is a make-up service, by qualified make-up artist, Anya Renzenbrink, who can teach make up techniques, carry out make-up for your wedding, ball, party or even your fun event with special effects make-up. Anya uses and retails a range of non-toxic make-up.
We support Women’s Refuge, Westpac Rescue Helicopter and the Special Children’s Christmas Party

Our Services

Hair and Scalp Problems

Hair loss, breakage, sore, itchy sensitive scalps, flaking scalp and more. We offer consultations and treatments for a range of hair and scalp conditions.

Skin Problems

LEczema, dry patcy or oily skin, acne and more.Through consultation, treatments are selected for clinic treatment and home use.


Our make-up artist, Anya, has worked on photo shoots and film work. We can offer a wide range of services in the world of make-up.

Toppik Hair Building Fibres

Instantly eliminates the appearance of thinning and balding hair. Small keratin fibres that bind to your own hair.Also great for covering up a colour regrowth when you cant get to the hairdresser.

‘I first went to the Hair, Skin and Scalp Clinic when I was 77. I had thin hair and an itchy scalp. After getting a special cream and different shampoo and conditioner, my hair began to improve after six weeks. It has been better ever since. That was 6 years ago!’

Violet, Tauranga.

‘I was losing all my hair. I got in contact with the Hair, Skin and Scalp Clinic, had a consultation and decided to do what they suggested. At first my hair stopped falling out as much as it was before. Then it started to come back. I am stoked. Thanks’.

Mike, Auckland.

‘I have always suffered with dull lifeless hair. After going to the Hair, Skin and Scalp Clinic and following their suggestions, I now have healthy, shiny hair. After several years, I still follow their suggestions’.

Margaret, Raumati.

‘I found the Hair, Skin and Scalp Clinic in the yellow pages. I was very concerned because my hair was falling out and not regrowing. They were able to help me. After a consultation, a course of treatment was suggested. I have followed this and my hair has grown back again’.

Ngaire, Auckland.

‘I contacted the Hair, Skin and Scalp Clinic because my hair was matted and was sticking to my scalp. They were able to diagnose and treat the condition. Now I feel more confident as it is no longer itchy and can be combed without catching the comb’.

Lindsay, Auckland.

‘I went to the Hair, Skin and Scalp Clinic after a visit to my dress maker. I was getting married in three months time. My hair was a mess. It was breaking, brittle and unmanageable. After having a series of treatments my hair was back to normal in time for my wedding’.

Elizabeth, Auckland.

‘The Hair, Skin and Scalp Clinic has helped me with my skin condition, which I have suffered with for many years. I am so pleased with the results and I no longer scratch my skin raw’.

Adrienne, Auckland.

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