What We Do

Hair and Scalp Problems

Hair loss, breakage, sore, itchy sensitive scalps, flaking scalp and more. We offer consultations and treatments for a range of hair and scalp conditions.
Allergic Reactions from Colouring Services
We offer immediate resolution to suffering as a result of allergic reactions to colour and other chemical hair services.

Skin Problems

Eczema, dry patcy or oily skin, acne and more.
Through consultation, treatments are selected for clinic treatment and home use.
Also Intense Pulsed Light for hair removal, spider veins and broken capillaries and reducing wrinkles. Skin freshening with Microdermabrasion. Ask about our FREE trial opportunity for these.

Hair Rescue Programme

  • Specialised treatments to rescue damaged and severely damaged hair and more.
  • Improve your natural curl.
  • Improve dry, fly away hair.
  • Get back the natural shine.
  • Strengthen the curl in permed hair.
  • Make your colours last longer -less fade.
  • Super clean your hair- of product and chlorine build-up.
  • Specialised Hairdressing Services.
  • Colouring and perming services for those with hair and skin problems or conditions. Private, one-on-one service. All hairdressing services, including weddings.

Make Up

Our make-up artist, Anya, has worked on photo shoots and film work. We can offer a wide range of services in the world of make-up.
These include :

  • Corporate events.
  • Wedding parties.
  • Balls.
  • Special events/occasions.
  • One-on-one or group make-up training and advice.
  • Special effects.
  • Photographic/fashion shoots.
  • Make overs.

Toppik Hair Building Fibres

Instantly eliminates the appearance of thinning and balding hair. Small keratin fibres that bind to your own hair.Also great for covering up a colour regrowth when you cant get to the hairdresser. Available in 8 colours. Two sizes of container: 10 grm $40 and 25 grm $70. Pick up or FREE courier throughout New Zealand.

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ProAttitude hair care system :

  • Supreme Shampoo for the family- gentle, free-rinsing. leaves hair with a natural shine and bounce.
  • Opulence Shampoo for coloured and/or permed hair- mild and caring,does not strip the hair. Leaves hair very manageable.
  • Dynamic Conditioner for all hair types- Leave it on or rinse it out. It works inside the hair where it repairs and moisturises.
  • Vivacious Mist- to help strengthen and moisturise the hair and scalp. Using this superb product will make your hair stronger by 200% in the wet state and 67% when the hair is dry. Ideal for all hair types but especially great for hair that dries out easily and chemically procressed hair.
  • Simplicity Gel- for a medium hold for a wet look, blow drying, setting. Gives hair shine and body.
  • Super Hold Spray Gel- Stronger hold especially great for naturally curly or permed hair. Washes out easily.
  • ProStyles Super Hold Hairspray – It holds! But is flexible and washes out.
  • Then there is the wonderful Phase 1 and 2 hair improvement system for thinning hair. This is available only through consultation.