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Visarôme Dynamique R

what if hair becomes thinner and thinner, loses body and if there is an increasing amount of hair loss? And hair growth? No chance! Thanks to the Visarôme Dynamique R aromatherapy complex, the hair’s vitality is restored. High-quality and pure natural essential oils. Thanks to the effective aromatherapy complex, the circulation and the natural scalp functions are stimulated, the metabolism is activated and hair growth is thus actively encouraged. Visarôme Dynamique R is balm for hair and scalp.


Several times a week, distribute 1 to 1.5 pipettes Visarôme Dynamique R on to points of the scalp and then lightly massage in with your fingertips.

Shampooing Bio-Fanelan

The hair loses volume and becomes thinner. If a lot of hairs are falling out, it is time to start an active programme against hair loss and hair growth disorders. The Shampooing Bio- Fanelan gently activates the scalp’s metabolism as soon as you start washing the hair. At the same time, the active shampoo contains an innovative fatty acid/protein complex to stabilise and strengthen the scalp’s natural hydrolipid film in the event of hair loss and the hair’s lift and volume are restored. Hair-active lipo amino acids instantly improve the hair condition and give it new strength. Valuable mint oil gives the scalp a regenerative break that makes it wonderfully refreshed and invigorated. The results can be both seen and felt. The hair’s energy, body and shine is restored. Shampooing Bio-Fanelan supports optimum hair growth and offers a perfect start for all subsequent special treatments such as Bio-Fanelan
Régénérant Premium.


Distribute approx. 7-10 ml of Shampooing Bio-Fanelan along the parting of the scalp and lightly massage in to the scalp. Carefully distribute Shampooing Bio-Fanelan into the hair lengths. Lather up the hair again with water and then rinse. If necessary, can be
performed a second time.

Bio-Fanelan Synergie

Nutritional supplement with four-fold active complex to combat hair loss.

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Bio-Fanelan Synergie is the perfect support for the Méthode Régénérante active ingredient ampoules. It contains an exclusive active complex formulation to ideally complete the range.The Bio-Fanelan Synergie nutritional supplement contains an exclusive active complex formulation. Packaged in small capsules, the unique effect develops from within and tackles the problem in four different ways. 1. Spirulina algae strengthens the immune system, acts as a radical trap and prevents symptoms of deficiencies. 2. Vitamin B supplies strength and vitality and soothes inflammations. 3. Hair minerals increase resistance and wound healing and actively support hair growth. 4. Specific hair vitamin E boosts the circulation and delays the premature hair aging process. In comparison to other nutritional supplements, Bio-Fanelan Synergie is extraordinarily effective as it contains a particularly balanced combination of nutrients. Thanks to the use of high-quality, organically bound minerals in contrast to the frequently used inorganically bound minerals, the supplement is exceptionally effective and well tolerated. Bio-Fanelan Synergie is a highly effective way to combat hair loss, prevent it and significantly improve hair growth. In addition, it supports many of our body’s vital functions. Bio-Fanelan Synergie was developed based on the latest scientific research. Thanks to the synergistic effect of Bio-Fanelan ampoules from without and Bio-Fanelan Synergie from within, the combating of hair loss and hair growth disorders is particularly effective.

Mornings and evenings, after meals, take 1 capsule Bio-Fanelan Synergie with plenty of

Bio-Fanelan Régénérant Premium

Healthy, full hair is regarded as a symbol of vitality, youthfulness and attractiveness. If too many hairs fall out every day, we rapidly become panicked about losing these attributes. Justifiably so because at this point it’s time to use Bio-Fanelan Régénérant Premium to effectively stop hair loss and regenerate natural hair growth. Bio-Fanelan Régénérant Premium combats all types of hair loss. The results say it all: The innovative active ingredient combination results in improved cell anchorage of the hair follicles (+146%). In addition, the energy of the hair follicles, the protection and repair mechanisms are activated,increased by up to 189%, which results in a significantly slower aging of the hair follicles(anti-aging effect). The free radicals occurring in the hair follicles, which can trigger
premature cell death, are effectively combated with Bio-Fanelan Régénérant Premium. This results in a 121% increase in hair growth. La Biosthétique’s own Complexe Régénérant in the ampoule treatment for hair loss Bio-Fanelan Régénérant Premium provides lasting improvement, as proven by the ratio of actively regrowing hairs to lost hairs. This powerful ampoule is clinically proven to reduce hair loss by more than 33% after just two months. In
addition, Bio-Fanelan Régénérant Premium activates the cell metabolism and nourishes the hair roots. New energy, stability and noticeable body for your hair – scientifically documented and proven!

Wash hair and scalp with Shampooing Bio-Fanelan. Ideally, every second day apply the contents, or part of an ampoule of Bio-Fanelan Régénérant to the scalp and lightly massage in with the fingertips or leave in for 10 minutes. Then dry the hair. To support and activate hair growth.


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La Bio Hair Loss Products

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