The Hair, Skin and Scalp Clinic has helped me with my skin condition, which I have suffered with for many years. I am so pleased with the results and I no longer scratch my skin raw

Adrienne, Auckland

I went to the Hair, Skin and Scalp Clinic after a visit to my dress maker. I was getting married in three months time. My hair was a mess. It was breaking, brittle and unmanageable. After having a series of treatments my hair was back to normal in time for my wedding

Elizabeth, Auckland

I contacted the Hair, Skin and Scalp Clinic because my hair was matted and was sticking to my scalp. They were able to diagnose and treat the condition. Now I feel more confident as it is no longer itchy and can be combed without catching the comb

Lindsay, Auckland

I have always suffered with dull lifeless hair. After going to the Hair, Skin and Scalp Clinic and following their suggestions, I now have healthy, shiny hair. After several years, I still follow their suggestions

Margaret, Raumati

I found the Hair, Skin and Scalp Clinic in the yellow pages. I was very concerned because my hair was falling out and not regrowing. They were able to help me. After a consultation, a course of treatment was suggested. I have followed this and my hair has grown back again

Ngaire, Auckland

I was losing all my hair. I got in contact with the Hair, Skin and Scalp Clinic, had a consultation and decided to do what they suggested. At first my hair stopped falling out as much as it was before. Then it started to come back. I am stoked. Thanks

Mike, Auckland

I first went to the Hair, Skin and Scalp Clinic when I was 77. I had thin hair and an itchy scalp. After getting a special cream and different shampoo and conditioner, my hair began to improve after six weeks. It has been better ever since. That was 6 years ago!

Violet, Tauranga